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Porcelain stoneware tiles with Luserna stone effect: the Alpinker

One of the latest innovations in the building field is the stoneware floor tile with Luserna stone effect. This particular type of tile is the perfect match between ceramic technology and the naturalness of stone. This tile combines the properties of stoneware in terms of high resistance and the strong aesthetic impact of the stone’s appearance. The Pietra di Luserna effect porcelain tiles proposed by Morina Pietre are produced in Italy. For these reasons, stone effect porcelain stoneware adapts to any environment, both internal and external.

Characteristics of Alpinker Porcelain Stoneware for Outdoors

    The porcelain stoneware floor has indisputable advantages, in particular:
  • it is resistant to abrasion
  • keeps its beauty intact over time, without deteriorating
  • keeps its beauty intact over time, without deteriorating
  • it is resistant to atmospheric agents
  • it is versatile from an aesthetic point of view, so it goes well with any type of environment. Precisely for this reason, Luserna stone effect porcelain stoneware floor conquers our customers day after day.

    Alpinker ceramic floors with Luserna stone effect: Sizes

    ALPINKER ceramic tiles with Luserna stone effect are available in different sizes and thicknesses. You can choose between the classic 120 x 120 cm square format or the 40×80, 40×120 or 120×240 cm rectangular size. The available thicknesses are 2 cm or 3 cm. The choice depends on the aesthetic and practical needs of the customer.

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