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Posa in opera Pavimentazione Pietra di Luserna

Morina Pietra has a considerable experience in producing Luserna stone for paving:in fact, for over 40 years it knows the world of stone, it follows its evolutions; it anticipates its times, to meet the needs of a constantly changing market.

La Luserna stone  is used for both exteriors and interiors; extracted in the basin that includes Luserna San Giovanni, Rorà and Bagnolo Piemonte, it offers us interesting color variables, ranging from selected gray to mixed gray, from blue to yellow. Our company deals with the the laying of Luserna stone flooring too, combining traditional methods and cutting-edge technologies, to create design flooring. The installation of Luserna stone varies in relation to the environment and the type of aesthetic result we want to achieve. Precious physical qualities and very high aesthetic qualities are a constant.

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